Merger Conversation

Better Together!

This phrase has been the heart of Mt Scott Church from the start. Being a Community of Care that Transforms Lives led to a vision of the campus becoming "a gathering place for the neighborhood where the community can be drawn together, community needs can be met, and the good news of Jesus Christ can be shared." Thus the Community Connection Center and Neighbor to Neighbor were born. Neighbors linked arms with the MTS community to address pressing needs around us.

In April of 2020 Pastor Denise discovered a similar passion being lived out in the courageous decision of a church in our area to sell its property in order to reallocate more of its assets into ministry. And a conversation began between Denise and John Rosensteel, the Lead Pastor of New Hope Community Church. That conversation has led to the belief among leaders from both churches that we could indeed be Better Together.

Three teams, a merger team from both churches and a Joint Merger Team, are actively exploring the possibility of a merger of the two congregations.

August 30 Video Update