uPLift Ladies Craft Day

October 5 — 10 AM - 2 PM

Lunch is also available at $5.00 per person. Menu includes quiche, salad, bread and dessert. Signup on the form below the craft descriptions.


Soap Holder

$2.50 each
Will take about 1 hour to make. Soap not included.


Earrings (Glitzy or Fan Folded)

$1.50 - 2.50 each (Morning only)
These earrings will make fun and trendy addition to your holiday fashions. Or gift them to someone special (in one of our gift boxes). They will take maybe 1 hour. Morning session, beginning at 10:00.


Cord Knot Bracelet

$3.00 each (Afternoon only)
Coppery leather cord makes these knotted bracelets a winner. Time needed is about 30-45 minutes. Afternoon session only, beginning about 12:30.


Jewelry Gift Box

$2.00 each (Afternoon only)
This is the gift box for earrings. It will take about 1 hour or less. Paper pattern will vary per what is available. Earrings crafting also available.


3D Gift Boxes

$2.50 each (Morning only)
These darling gift boxes are perfect for small gifts and jewelry – like our jewelry craft, earrings and bracelets. Will take about an hour each. Specify Fall or Christmas theme.


Oragami Ornaments

$2.00 each (Morning only)
These globe ornaments are easy to make and will dress your tree or gifts in style. Or make them into a garland for your home. Each will take about 1 hr, maybe a little more. Paper patterns will vary per availability. Additional elements may include beads, bells and ribbons. Afternoon session only, beginning about 12:30.



$2.00 each
Choose from Thanksgiving or Christmas cards and amaze your friends and family. The “Waterfall” card is interactive and so eye catching. The expanding card is just plain beautiful. Paper patterns may vary per availability. Both styles measure 5.5 x 4.25. They will take about 30 min per card. Written instructions are also provided so you can go home and make more.

Origami Tea Bag Holder

$1.00 each (Afternoon only) (photo not yet available)
They will take about 1 hour to craft.

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