Shelter Group Ministry

What is a Shelter Group Cluster?
It is a cluster of people who are asked to simply be aware of and offer care and connection to a particular cluster of people.
Who belongs to these clusters?
Every person who attends Mt. Scott, new (after 3 Sundays we will ask your permission to place you in a cluster), long-term attendees, and every one in-between.
Shelter Group Cluster Facilitator
one or two individuals/or couples in each cluster who reminds others to care and connect.  They may plan, or ask someone in the group to plan a get together occasionally.  Clusters may rotate facilitators within the group.
What is the purpose?
  • To prevent people from getting lost in the crowd.
  • That each person knows at least a hand full of people who knows their names.
  • To build opportunities for connection.
  • To pray for one another’s needs as we are AWARE of each other’s lives.
  • To follow the New Testament instruction to care for one another, sharing in each other’s joys and sorrows, being the hands and heart of Jesus to one another.
What are ways to connect with people in my cluster?
  • Seek them out on Sunday morning to just to say “hello”.
  • Invite someone to coffee.
  • Invite the whole group to your house for lunch. Or one or two.
  • Send an encouragement or birthday card.
  • Be creative. This is a “no limits” ministry of connection.
  • Every once-in-while, at church we will have name tags with a number on it that will enable you to spot someone in your group.
  • “Sounds like an extrovert thing.” Nope – you are welcome to reach out to people in your cluster one person at a time.
  • “I’m not good at this sort of thing.” Never underestimate the power of a warm smile.  If you can smile, you are good “at this sort of thing”.
  • “I don’t know the people listed in my cluster”. If you know one person, ask that person to introduce you to others.  If you know NO ONE, ask a pastor or staff person and they will introduce you to the friendliest person in the group.

See the Shelter Group Board down the first hall to the right when entering the front doors for a list of cluster groups.

Our Vision is to be a Community of Care that Transforms Lives Through Jesus Christ