To Our Neighbors:

Thank you for your patience in walking with Mt. Scott Church as we have endeavored to continue our work and worship in this location by looking to reallocate some of our assets, namely a portion of our land. We appreciate that what we do here matters to your quality of life.

Many of you know that we had a Purchase Sales Agreement signed with a senior living community from California. Neighbors and church alike seemed pleased with this plan. Then Covid-19 came, and the company we were working with had to pull out of our agreement. We were of course disappointed, but we do understand. We stay in touch with owner, Jason Reyes, whom many of you met. We are glad to report they are weathering the storm and their faith is strong.

For now, the sale of a portion of the property is on hold. We are exploring a conversation with another church about a possible merger of our two congregations. This would enable us to remain here without needing to sell any of the land.

This information was just made known to the church last Sunday, May 31st. This conversation is just beginning, and we will do our best to keep you updated in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch via email at

Thank you,
Board of Directors


Hello neighbors,

You may have received a letter recently from the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability regarding the Mt. Scott Church property. That letter outlined a proposed comprehensive plan map and zoning change to adjust the majority of the property from R10 residential zone to all R7 zone. This is all part of a larger process that the City of Portland has been working on with many community organizations to cleanup property issues preparing for development pertaining to needed housing. Mt. Scott Church has long had this dual-zone issue on its property which this comprehensive plan map and zoning change will fix.

As you may recall, our last communication (below) informed you that the company from California with whom we had a signed Purchase Sale Agreement pulled out due to financial concerns related to the Coronavirus. No further decisions have been made concerning the property to date.

We invite you to direct any questions or comments you may have to

Board of Directors
Mt. Scott Church


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The coronavirus and COVID-19 has changed many plans, and we’re writing today to let you know that it has changed some of ours.

First, some background: We began a journey two years ago to fulfill the part of our Future Focus Vision that states “we will re-allocate our assets to create a gathering place for the neighborhood and the next generation.”

As you may remember, we were pursuing opportunities for the sale of a portion of our land for a housing development. During that process we were introduced to Jason Reyes from Chronograph Properties (CP), a small, family-run business of senior living facilities in California. We liked what we saw. We also liked that Jason was very willing to work with Mt. Scott Church in retaining greenspace for the church and our neighbors.

None of us saw the coronavirus epidemic coming. Yet come it did, to all parts of the globe. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Chronograph Properties has had to stop walking this project forward with us.

So where do we go from here? The Board and other teams within the church leadership will continue to evaluate options for the future.

Board of Directors
Mt. Scott Church