MTS Property Development


We’d like to thank our neighbors, members of the Lents Neighborhood Livability Association, and the other interested parties that turned out for our December 4, 2018 open house to discuss our plans for the future. For those of you that weren’t able to make it, we discussed our near-term plans for a potential residential land division on a portion of the property, as well as our longer term vision for creating more open and accessible community-oriented spaces.

We sincerely appreciate that our plans affect you, our neighbors. We heard that you are concerned about traffic safety issues in the area. We understand that some of you are concerned about how future homes may affect your property values and how new homes could create negative impacts to protected natural resources. We’re working with our planning and engineering team and with staff at the City of Portland to do all we can to minimize any potential adverse impacts from the project. As we all know, there are broader traffic and traffic safety issues that are beyond the scope of this project alone. That said, we want to be good neighbors throughout this process. We will continue to look for ways to address the Knapp Street/105th Avenue sight distance concern, vehicle speeding in the neighborhood, as well as other concerns you raised on December 4.

As we outlined at the meeting, we believe the land division creates the best opportunity to fund ongoing operations and needed repairs at the Church, and assists with the planning and implementation of interior and exterior renovations to create more community-oriented spaces within the Church.

Our land use applications for modifying the church property and subdividing into lots was submitted in April. We also were able to submit the first round of engineering plans for the public improvements (Streets & Utilities) in March. The City of Portland held a review meeting of our plans to provide feedback, and now we are working on revisions to satisfy certain codes and design guidelines. We anticipate our public hearing on the project sometime in July.

Below is an updated list of anticipated key dates in moving our land division application forward:

  • April 2019: Submit Land Division Application to City of Portland
  • Summer 2019: Land Division Decision from City of Portland
  • Summer 2019: Submit Street and Public Improvement Plans to City of Portland
  • Spring 2020: Begin Construction of Streets and other Public Improvements
  • Winter 2020: Finish Public Improvements
  • Spring 2021: Begin New Home Construction

We’ll continue to post status updates here as the project moves along, however, don’t hesitate to call (503.771.1195) or email ( with any questions.

We have created a mailing list specifically for persons interested in updates to this page or the process.