We Love You Too Much to Open the Doors

News from Northpoint Church

"What do you know that we don't?" asked some of Andy Stanley's fellow pastors a few weeks before Easter when COVID-19 began to kick in, and he declared that Nothpoint Church would not be meeting like normal. He responded: "I don't know anything you don't. I just know that clarity in the midst of uncertainty is the way forward."

Ed Stetzer, a writer for Christianity Today, interviewed Pastor Andy Stanley recently about their just announced decision to not even think about meeting in person until 2021. In part he explains: "Here is where I think the church needs to think about this: As a local church, we have limited time, limited staff, and limited resources; it makes no sense to focus our staff time and resources on creating a subpar environment on Sunday morning for a nine and 11 o'clock service that only 20% of the people may attend. We decided to focus on the 100% of all of our church folks and their friends and the rest of the world that may show up later. To use a term I learned from you long ago, this really is my missional decision. It's not based on emotion. It's on point with our mission to inspire people to follow Jesus. It's a very outsider-focused decision instead of an insider-focused decision."

Read the whole two-part interview here: www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2020/july/decision-not-to-gather-physically-on-sundays-until-2021-int.html.