The Holy Spirit in the Church, by N.T. Wright

NT Wright, or Tom Wright as he is often known, is an English New Testament scholar, Pauline theologian, and retired Anglican bishop. He is currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary's College in the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Tom has a passion to make biblical study accessible to the average person in the pew. His For Everyone series of Bible study commentaries is one example. This talk was given while he was Bishop of Durham, England.

Pantheism: a view that sees everything that esxists as divine. The felief that God is equal to the universe, its physical matter and the forces that govern it. There is no difference between Creation and God.

Deism: belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. It is the "watch-maker" God–who created the world and set it running and has nothing to do with it, but watch it work.

Panentheism: a philosophy constructed from the merger of three Greek words: pan ("all"), en ("in"), and theism. It is essentially a combination of theism (God as supreme being) and pantheism (God is everything). God is the "supreme effect" of the universe. God is everything in the universe, but God also is greater than the universe. Events and changes in the universe affect and change God. As the universe grows and learns, God also increases in knowledge and being.

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