Six Exercises to Help Guide Your Decision Making

From Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton as referenced in Pastor Denise's sermon on August 4, 2019
Consolation and desolation.
Which choice brings the deepest sense of life, inner peace and freedom (John 10:10; 2 Corinthians 3:17)? Is there a growing sense of wholeness, authenticity, congruence with who I am in God? Or might this decision draw me away from God?
Is there a particular Scripture that God is bringing to me relative to this choice? What is it saying to me?
Life of Christ:
Is this choice consistent with what I know of the mind and heart of Christ and redemptive purposes in the world?
Character growth and development:
How will this direction nurture the fruit of the Spirit in me--particularly the fruit of love? What does love call for? What is God doing in my character and spiritual growth? Will this choice continue to nurture this growth?
Eternal perspective:
Does this choice reflect the value of what is eternal and permanent and holds the deepest value rather than what is transient and impermanent? On my deathbed, which choice would I wish I had made?
How does this choice fit with others’ observations of who I am and what God is doing in my life? Am I willing to open every facet of this decision to a trusted spiritual friend for their wisdom and insight? Is there anything in the broad tradition of the Christian faith that might inform my decision?.

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