All is Praise and Thanks


from Dr. Andrea Cook, President of WPU in the latest “In the City newsletter”…

“As we enter into the holiday season, let us look to all things—especially areas of adversity—and practice gratitude. God is in all things. God will use all things to grow us and to transform our perspective.”

“So this day, all is praise and thanks for all of my days,
I breathe and it is your breath that fills me.
I look and it is your light by which I see.
I move and it is your energy moving in me.
I listen and even the stones speak of you.
I touch and you are between finger and skin.
I think and the thoughts are but sparks
from the fire of your truth. I love and the throb is your presence.
I laugh at it is the rustle of your passing.
I weep and your Spirit broods over me.
I long and it is the tug of your kingdom.
I praise you, Glorious One,
for what has been, and is and will be.”

poem from “My Words Can’t Carry All the Praise” by Ted Loder