A Man of Sorrows

The afflicted do not so much look for comfort to Christ as he will come a second time in splendour of state, as to Christ as he came the first time, a weary man and full of woes. The passion-flower yields us the best perfume, the tree of the cross bleeds the most healing balm. Like in this case cures like, for there is no remedy for sorrow beneath the sun like the sorrows of Immanuel. As Aaron’s rod swallowed up all the other rods, so the griefs of Jesus make our griefs disappear.

On March 1, 1873 Charles Haddon Spurgeon spoke these words in a sermon entitled "The Man of Sorrows" before the congregation he pastors for 38 years. You can read the full transcript of the sermon on The Spurgeon Center for Biblical Preahing at Midwestern Seminary website.