Mt. Scott Church

A Place Where Lives Are Transformed

Rather than being a place where people are met with shame, guilt, and condemnation, we seek to extend to everyone the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that God has shown to us. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have, we want to invite you to be part of the family.

We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing, so feel free to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable. Come at 10:00 and grab a free hot cup of coffee in the Foyer during our Gathering Time. Our worship begins at 10:30. Sit wherever you’d like. We won't single you out publicly, but we expect that you will experience a warm welcome from the Mt. Scott family where everybody belongs – every color, every shape, every personality, people with every kind of story imaginable. Our services are multi-generational and feature contemporary music blended with the classic hymns that have brought God's people together for many generations.

Core Beliefs

Jesus came to change the world. As followers of Christ, we, too, are called to change the world by demonstrating the love of Christ. We are in the reclamation business—changing the world by taking back what Hell has stolen.

Born emphasizing the unity and holiness of God’s people, calling for the reformation of the church with these truths in view, we also know that ours is a call to expand the Kingdom of God. Whenever a soul is redeemed, the Kingdom expands. Whenever light penetrates the darkness, whenever justice prevails over injustice, whenever knowledge replaces ignorance, whenever healing mends what is broken, whenever freedom in Christ overcomes the bondage of this world, whenever Jesus is owned as Lord where once He was not, the Kingdom expands..


We Believe

Mt. Scott Church is an affiliated congregation of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) — a global movement of people seeking to fulfill God’s mission in the world. We’re committed to studying the Word of God and faithfully living it out.

Our mission is to be a community of care that transforms lives through Jesus Christ.

You will find a great diversity of convictions and practices within the Church of God. Though we have differences, we share a common story of faith, growing together into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). We worship and serve as citizens of God’s kingdom. We celebrate our life in Christ and accept our call to be the body of Christ in our world—all to the glory of God. Visit the Church of God's North American website ( to find other resources.

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